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It is entirely possible for an unguided buyer to purchase the wrong garage door opener for their garage door. Not only is it vital that you pick the opener with the right specifications for height, quality and power potential, it is also essential that you select a model that provides the appropriate features for your circumstances and needs. Here we point out some of the best reasons to have professional help when fitting a new opener to your door.

Pick The Right Brands For Best Results

Garage Door Opener in Florida

We know exactly which brands are the most credible in the market. We can also advise on the models that will come with the most widely available replacement parts and the cost of such components should they ever be needed.  Many Liftmaster, Craftsman and Chamberlain designs for example, offer superior features like backup batteries and automatic closing. Sears and Genie are two other brands that we recommend. It is with brands like these that quality is assured and your system has the best chance of lasting for years to come without fault. 

We Ensure All Parts Are Fitted Perfectly

Having the best gear is not enough, your garage door opener needs to be assembled properly for it to work as it should. We see openers malfunction all the time because they have been installed incorrectly. Common occurrences can include drive systems loosening and becoming inefficient over time, motors being damaged under strain and sensors misaligning easily. If it is handled by an expert, you can rest at ease knowing the work is done as effectively as possible with causing you excessive loss of time or frustration.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Call us today to arrange a visit from one of our trained garage door technicians. We can assess your door and provide advice on the system that would be best for you, have the garage door opener installed correctly or take care of any repairs you need for your current model. Call now for a quote!

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