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Find out how you can secure your garage doors and which colors are best! The best tips for all garage systems

  • Match the style of your garage door with your front door for maximum “curb appeal”.

    As a general rule, the more in line your garage doors styling is with your front door, the better the styling of your house overall. Match paint colors, trim details and window shades to best ramp up the curb appeal of your property.

  • Get wood garage doors

    Wood garage doors are always a good investment and although it is an expensive one, it will pay off by increasing the value of your house and offering good protection. If you want to enjoy them for years and avoid warping, our specialists in Boca Raton recommend frequent maintenance.

  • Carry your garage door remote on a keychain

    This is an important safety measure since many thieves steal garage door clickers for the purpose of gaining quick access to the house. When the remote is on a keychain, it will be with you at all times. The risk of loss or theft will be minimal.

  • Always disconnect the garage door opener before inspections

    This is the major safety measure that you need to take each and every time. Unplug the operator from the electric grid of your house to stay safe and to protect your family as well. Our experts in Boca Raton recommend that you start the inspection once the motor has cooled down.

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